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Buying a Dog House – What You Should Know Before You Buy

Buying a Dog HouseAmongst all pet dog supplies, buying a dog house will be one of the most cherished purchase you will ever make for your furry friend. When you are buying a doghouse, there are a number of factors like the size, material and design that you must keep in mind. Listed below are these factors that will help you buy the right house for your pet.

General Tips for Buying a Dog House

  1. Size – The size of the doghouse determines the initial comfortability of the dog. If it is too big, it will be cold in winter and hot in summer and if it is too small, your dog cannot move easily inside it. The size of the kennel should be just right to let him lie inside comfortably.
  1. Insulation – The insulation inside the kennel is essential if you are living in a place with extreme temperature. The insulation protects the dog from extreme heat or cold.
  1. Raised Floor Panel – Having a raised floor panel ensures that the kennel is clean and there is more airflow inside it.


2.         Material

Doghouses are available in three kinds of materials. All of these are popular and have their purposes.

  1. Plastic – Plastic doghouses are more popular as they have more advantages. They are easy to clean and resist the weather elements better. They are also wear and tear-proof. As moisture cannot get into these houses, many dog owners prefer them.
  1. Wood – These are not much preferred as they are not weather resistant. But they look very natural and appealing. You can also buy an unfinished wooden kennel and customize it according to your preference.
  1. Insulated – Insulated kennels are made of metal and are the best that you can offer your dog. They are weather resistant and keep the cold and the heat outside. The temperature on the inside is controlled and it is perfect for those who live in an area, which has extreme weather conditions.

3.         Design

The design of the kennel is one of the factors that determine how the temperature inside the doghouse will be – if it will be cold or hot.

  1. Door – The easiest way to control the temperature is the placement of the door. An off-the-center door protects rain and wind from entering the kennel and covering the main door can keep out the harsh elements.
  1. Roof – Similarly, the roof is also important. The material and the shape determine if water can enter the kennel or not. A wooden doghouse should have shingled roof as it protects the wood from water.

Keep the climate of the place in mind when you are choosing a house for your dog. It is important, especially if the doghouse is going to be kept outdoors.  When buying a dog house or looking for pet dog supplies as in most things, it’s great to do a little research before you buy.


Amy Lyttle is a pet lover and is the owner of two Labradors and one white cat.