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Dog House

Dog HouseAre you in the dog house about what kind of shelter to get your dog or dogs?   What’s your normal climate and will your pet be outside at night or just during the day?  Will you need a small dog house, an insulated one, one with doors, or made from plastic — and if it gets really cold outside, will you need a heated dog house?

If you have a Great Dane then you’ll definitely need a large dog house, and what about the many different dog house designs?  You can find a wood dog house shaped like a real house, lots of reviews on dog houses which will give you the scoop, ones made from wood with cedar shake roofs, dog houses that come with a dog house bed inside, and maybe even just a regular old classic dog house.  We will define some of the types that are available, to help you make a choice that’s best for you and your pet.

Simple Dog Houses

These range from a house shaped like an igloo made from plastic, to wire crates and simple wooden houses for the outside.  The latter may have shingles on the roof and a pad for an inside bed.  These are all good for light use and may be placed outside if the climate is moderate.  Look for any of these in a dog house sale or among pet supplies from an online or brick and mortar retailer.  You can usually find a variety of these almost everywhere.  They will serve your large or small pets.

Dog Houses With Runs

Simple dog houses can also be placed at the end of a wire dog run and these usually run alongside of a house and have a grassy area and a chain link enclosure.  They can be pretty simple to set up and may come in a prepackaged kit.  You can leave your dog in here for a few hours — perhaps if you know you’ll be delayed at a meeting, or while you work.  Make sure that you interact with your dog when you remove it from the dog run and go for a walk, etc.  Feeding and water bowls for these types of outside runs and dog houses may be held up off the ground by a container.  Often, a tarp or piece of wood is placed on the roof of the enclosure to provide shade and some rain protection.

Custom Dog Houses

These kinds of dog houses are often quite luxurious, with many added accessories and products to make them so.  Sometimes they can be had at a celebrity designer auction, or made for you by experts.  Perhaps you have a creative flair and will be able to make your dog house look exactly like the house you live in.  Plans are available for these types of dog houses.  If you do build your dog house yourself, then be sure to make it so that your dog is comfortable, has room to turn around inside, and is protected from the elements.  Some of these custom houses have porches and window boxes and a chimney (but not a fireplace!).  Be careful about the paint that’s used, if your dog is a “chewer”.

Commercial Kennels

Commercial kennels can be plain or moderately fitted out or luxurious.  I guess it depends how much it costs to board your dog!  These types of kennels usually have a dog house at one end of a chain link run, food and water bowls, and a nice piece of grass for the dog to lay on.  They will usually also have a common yard where dogs that are social enough, can play and interact.  Commercial kennel owners often build their own dog houses and keep them in repair.

Any type of dog house must be safe, in good repair, and comfortable — no matter what type of dog lives in it.  Check into materials used and if they’ve been certified safe to be used around animals.  Be sure that the roof protects against rain or the beating sun.  Dog beds for inside are important.  They should have a washable cover that’s easy to clean, sanitary “stuffing”, be thick enough so that the dog is comfortable, and last for a while.  Some have cedar  inside and this helps to repel outside insects.  If the stuffing is also washable, then this will help take care of any creepy crawlies.

Put yourself in your dog’s place, if you can.  They are our companions and helpers so they deserve a great place to lay their heads down at night, just like we do.  Keep them clean and comfortable and they will return the love tenfold.

Thanks for reading about your next dog house, and come back often for the latest in dog supplies.