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Dog That Looks Like a Fox

Dog That Looks Like a FoxDuring my research I have found that the general consensuses of what dog that looks like a fox is hard to come by, but I have found a few and I will discuss my finding in the following paragraphs. If you ask certain people what they feel their dogs look like it is not only humorous, but quite charming. Some of the dogs will surprise you; some will actually stand out when you look at them yourselves.

Dog That Looks Like a Fox – Overview

The first breed that is the most talked about as a look alike for the fox is the red haired Pomeranian. The Pomeranian is a small dog considered toy sized with a nose or muzzle that is not only straight, but well pronounced and fine, thus resembling a red fox. It is also an intelligent and lively dog making him have patterns of the red fox. The dog makes a great companion, but is not suited for children, but is an excellent mate for the elderly. Out of all the dogs that I have looked at and researched on the red haired Pomeranian is the closest look a like to the red fox, and have some of the social values and intelligence that the red fox displays.

The next dog that came in a close second to the red haired Pomeranian is the Shiba-Inu.

The Shiba-Inu is a small compact dog with a nose that if you look at it has a moderate muzzle, with ears, that when at attention are erect and quite pointy like the red haired fox. The Shiba-Inu is a natural hunter and can not be trusted off the leash outside or it will try to hunt and kill smaller animals like rodents, guinea pigs, small birds and rabbits. If you have any of these as pets you will have to introduce the Shiba-Inu to them as a puppy, so they will be able to socialize with them at a later age, otherwise it will be a hunter of prey like the red haired fox.

The last dog I will discuss is the Finnish Spitz. This dog highly resembles a fox with its muscular body and narrow snout. The dog has different coloring from red brown to golden red. The dog is also a natural hunting dog like the fox, however the dog is a great family dog, getting along greatly with the elderly as well as children. The dog is known as courageous and extremely loyal to his family. He resembles the fox as a bird dog that will bark with a yodel sounding noise to point the hunter to his prey.

All of these dogs have something in common, they are a dog that looks like a fox, and have some general characteristics of the red fox also.