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If you have one of those small breeds of dogs, such as a Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Poodle, or Chihuahua, then small dog collars that fit properly are an absolute necessity. Items for little dogs must keep them safe and not let them slip out of a collar or other restraining item such as small dog harnesses or collars. On the other hand, they cannot be bulky or else the dog’s breathing may be restricted, or the collar could get caught on something and hurt the dog. Fancy items such as small dog clothes, rhinestone dog collars, teacup dog clothes, puppy clothes or puppy gifts, or small dog toys, are just plain fun!

Along with small collars, other terrific and fun and useful items for your small puppy can include dog sweaters in teacup sizes, designer pet supplies, grooming accessories, and a dog leash in leather which can come in a variety of styles and sizes. With small dogs you have to be picky about what you put on them. Because their bones are so thin you don’t want to weigh them down or use a collar that’s too broad. Many items are practical and have great style – even better if they are on sale – but they have to fit your tiny dog. When you consider purchasing tags for your small dogs or another pet, always be sure that they will not weigh the animal down.

There are a lot of materials that may be used to make smaller collars, and because there’s not much needed, these sizes of items are often cheaper than big dogs’ accessories. One thing about small dog collars that we need to be aware of is the fact that any collars for small breeds need to be soft and flexible, yet strong enough to not slip off a little dog’s neck. Even a piece of macrame with a bead or two woven into the string would make a nice dog collar for a dog such as a Chihuahua, and you could even use an old bracelet, if appropriate.

Purchasing a small dog collar would assure you that there’s a place to hook a lead, plus hold a dog tag if your pet is not micro-chipped. A soft leather collar and matching thin leash for a small doggie would last a very long time. A small dog stays small but a puppy grows to an adult, so if you start small with a puppy then there will be several different sizes of collars needed for his or her lifetime. You can invest in a better leash and collar for a small dog because they don’t pull on them or play with them as much. Besides, bigger dogs have big teeth which can damage toys or collars or leashes some of the time.

When you have a dog, even a small one, there has to be mutual respect and love, as well as a lot of care. Getting your small dog collar to fit properly is one of these acts of love. If the collar is too stiff the collar will be too bulky and make the dog uncomfortable.

Small collars can make a bold statement, even if they’re little. They can be in a bright animal print or solid color, in faux snakeskin or chocolate brown leather, in soft velvet or organic cotton – the variety is almost endless if you’re looking for one or several collars. You’ll need a little ring to hang an ID tag from unless your family pet is micro-chipped. It can’t be said enough, so I’ll say it again: with small dogs, everything has to be in smaller proportions so be certain that the pet collars are not too wide or thick.

Small dog collars are essential, along with at least one leash, for your little pup. People can’t see small dogs very well, and you need to be in full control, especially if you’re walking on a busy street. Try and get a nice contrast to your dog’s color, and you may even find a collar with reflective patches on it so the pair of you will really glow in the dark!

Whether you carry your little pet in a pouch or let it walk by your side, you can’t go wrong with great dog collars!

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