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Turner and Hooch Dog Breed: The Answer Is…

Turner and Hooch Dog BreedIf you have ever wondered what the Turner and Hooch Dog Breed was it would greatly surprise and fascinate you what the dog breed really was, the dog is a French Mastiff. Tom Hanks had his hands full when he had to act alongside this puppy and what we commonly know him as, “the Turner Hooch Dog”.
At first glance this dog is nothing more than a pile of drooling wrinkles. But, when you get to know this dog he is nothing more than a sweetheart. The French Mastiff is loyal to a fault and will do anything to protect you from danger. Watching the movie though, you would never realize that this dog is known for their dependable nature and their calmness. The French Mastiff though is a stocky dog, with a minimum weight of 99 pounds; their tail is thick and tapers to a point.
The first thing you notice about this breed, in the movie and if you’re lucky enough in person, is their massive head, it is the most imposing feature of the French Mastiff. Another is the affection that the French Mastiff will bestow upon their owner and as a great companion to the entire family.
There is one drawback to the French mastiff and that is that they do not like to share their home with other pets. If you wish to have other pets with the French Mastiff this must be established at a young age when the dog is more manageable. These dogs also known as the “Dogue de Bordeaux”, when properly obedience trained and well socialized, makes excellent therapy dogs as well as search and rescue aids.
The agility and the moderate amount of exercise make the French Mastiff ideal for small yards and large apartments. If you are up for the training of the dog, the French Mastiff is very competitive and will be more than willing to compete in obedience trials and pulling weights. This dog enjoys from time to time a change of scenery to relieve any mental stress or boredom that the dog might begin to feel, and will prevent any destructive behaviors.

Surprisingly, the French Mastiff for a dog his size has a relatively long life span, living past ten years of age. All it takes to have your French Mastiff, also known as a Turner and Hooch dog breed, live a long and happy life is to ensure regular exercise, quality dog food and regular checkups to the veterinarian.